Painter/Muralist/Illustrator/ Art Instructor/Creative Consultant...But So much more!

My Kansas inspired prints now available at the Kansas History Museum and Down town Topeka Capital Building gift shop! LIMITED TIME! GET ONE OR ALL THREE PRINTS! THANK YOU KANSAS HISTORICAL SOCIETY FOR SUPPORTING LOCAL KANSAS ARTIST!:) 

“Hussle” (2019)Acrylic on canvas (9x12in) The Marathon Continues 🙏 
"Even at the gates ,still inspiring community upon community, RIP Nipsey."-Jordan E. Brooks 

                                                           (Above) "DAD" graphite on paper 7x5in.(2019)    

   "He is one of my biggest fans, so of course family has to be documented. This is the start of mini sketch series that dedicated  simply to immortalized my familia ones by blood and bond. When others doubted their faith in my talent never waived."-Jordan     More BELOW!:) 

"Potato Land" Acrylic on canvas (9x12in.) 2019  

Topeka (/toʊˈpiːkə/; Kansa: Tó Pee Kuh) is the capital city of the U.S. state of Kansas and the seat of Shawnee County. ... The name Topeka is a Kansa-Osage sentence that means "place where we dug potatoes", or "a good place to dig potatoes".

                                                                "The Promise"  2019 (acrylic on canvas) 30x24in

"Probably one of my favorite paintings 🖼 I’ve worked on the last eight months....introducing “The Promise “. In short it’s about the bond of the ups and downs in that promise, any promise you blindingly make to someone. Different levels to it and none at all ..."-Jordan E. Brooks 

                               "One Fish,Two Fish" Acrylic on canvas 16x20in.(2019)     $599.00                      

                      NOW HANGING!!!!! (MARCH 22-MAY 12)    "Black Flowers" Acrylic on canvas (2013) 20x48in.) 



Mixed media is an adventure. It’s a true test of imagination and skill. Artists combine sometimes drastically different media to create art and meaning. Mixed media gives artists the freedom to work with any tools and material – from traditional paints to fabrics, bronze and even recyclables. 

                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK ABOVE! 

"I truly feel very blessed and inspired to work even harder after being included into this amazing collective of talented artists woven together to be on display at my local Library's Public Art gallery (ALICE C. SABATINI GALLERY). Please.Please,Please check it out if your in the Midwestern area!" -Jordan E. Brooks 

                                                      "KING OF FOOLS" Acrylic on Canvas board (18x16in.)  $425.00 
"I think most can identify with heart break or some form of rejection that just seems to linger. But its the ones who hold your hands through the dark and light without hesitation. Realizing you are already loved hopefully helps you heal too."-Jordan E. Brooks 

             "NEW MIND" Acrylic on Canvas (16x20in.) 2019 

"The First Painting done for 2019!! “ New Mind” I am so excited about this piece! Jean Michel Basquiat has always inspired me since day one! Nothing New that hasn’t been done ,just going through my new mind, or perspective. No Aristotle, or Jean just energy that can relate especially through the day to day Beauty and pain of the mundane.”-Jordan 

Check it out in person this February First Friday @ My Art Studio inside Amused Art Gallery & Gift (907 Nw Kansas Ave) Yellow Frame Door in NOTO!

  Follow the creative process on instagram@ (Jordan_E_Brooks) 

     "OF THE STARS" Acrylic on wood panel (171/2x 34 1/2in.) 2019  


    "Because we are made of the stars...right!?"-Jordan 



"What an amazing group of  people I have had the pleasure to create with!"-J.E.B. 


This mural is located across the street from the Brown v. Board National Historic Site. The mural explores themes of equality and justice through the eyes of young people in our community. Artist Michael Toombs directed the painting of the 130' x 30' wall along with a team of artists and thousands of members of the community. We believe that there could not be a better time to push forward the central tenets of the Brown case – bringing this important part of American history to life anew."Thank you ARTSconnect for hiring me to contribute my creative talent with such an amazing collective! (ITS AMAZING OUR MURAL MADE THE NEW YORK TIMES! LINK HERE!)It was a pleasure to work,sweat,eat, and create with 30 other artist that I can proudly call apart of my creative art family! Thank you Michael and Cat for keeping all of us spiritual and balanced! Special thanks to Dar and Hector for the documenting this amazing experience! Please,Please,Please sit back and check out the Full Documentary Video BELOW on this amazing Mural project!"-Jordan  



"Touching the Vail"  (10x36in.) Acrylic on Wood  

"It is funny how so many images and ideas like this Visual-Poetry pass through my mind endlessly, but never to brag or compare a reminder to myself and my love ones....ones of service to me and mine, gifts give but needs to be appreciated! I can hear the ancestors echoing before we truly ascend, appreciate, because theses paintings you can't take with you..."-Jordan 

                                            ......ART IS EVERYWHERE....

                                                                             ALEX A. Photography


“Jordan E. Brooks is influenced by a wide variety of work ranging from the classical to comic book greats from the 90’s. Brooks’ work focuses on the concept of social awareness and overriding power of social media on our environment. Brooks’ work aims to remind people of their inherent humanity.”


                                                                    Jordan E. Brooks(Painter/illustrator/Creative Consultant)


“Jordan E. Brooks is influenced by a wide variety of work ranging from the classical to comic book greats from the 90’s. Brooks’ work focuses on the concept of social awareness and overriding power of social media on our environment. Brooks’ work aims to remind people of their inherent humanity.”

 I’ve lived in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas all my life. Heavily influenced from the campus of KU and an older under lining hippie vibe of that area, my surroundings have affected a lot of my artist purpose, to inspire and create. My website has allowed me to display my own mix of academic design with my own modern, conceptual, provocative socially conscious though drive. In 2011 I had my first international group exhibition at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was honored to become a part of their permanent collection with “Gallery of Hearts”. This only inspired me to move forward! In 2013, I was blessed to be a part of 100 international contemporary artist from all over the world in my first New York exhibition in Historical downtown Harlem. “Power of perception” was the publication produced by this inspiring collection. In 2015 I was honored by my local city (TOPEKA,KANSAS) by becoming the 10th annual Aaron Douglas Artist of the Historical Aaron Douglas Art fair! It was surreal, but a dream to be acknowledged or referred to a childhood hero of mine, but only inspired me to move forward.

You can often find me at my (public art Space @ Amused Art Gallery  located in Topeka’s growing Art district N.O.T.O.) From every Art-walk(First-Friday) too where I teach creative drawing lessons weekly! Stop by and visit (907 North Kansas Ave.) in N.O.T.O.! I am working on a new mini collective of paintings more importantly a number of illustration projects all written & designed by me  that I am so freaking excited about!!!!! (Illustration page) It is amazing to be a proud recipient of 2018 International Raffaello Award Curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio! These recent international/national and local  achievements have only intensified my excitement for so much more. In 2018 I was selected to be one of 31 artists to contribute to Artsconnect's  Brown Vs Board Mural project (Topeka,KS) Located north of the National parks Brown Vs Board Education Museum. It's been a pleasure to work on carrying out the vision of Michael Toombs and his amazing supportive Kansas City artisans. So please stay tuned for 2019  too see what your new favorite American Contemporary Fine Artisan has planned for your eyes and soul to feel.



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