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Drawing with my talented friend Damian we noticed how the lighting created our shadows of our hands!  


"I've always enjoyed drawing, it's always been my therapy, my escape to a magical place where I have total control over. I think my real gift is to create/inspire. But when growing up there was no one around me that could depict my visions the way I could see them in my head. So I practiced, and practiced, and practiced until the ideas/thoughts flowed into my lines exactly how I wanted them. I just started drawing for myself,that is when the creativity seemed to just spilling out of me. Drawing introduced me to so many aspects of the art world from painting, sculpture to music, and performance arts. Drawing opened up the world of Science and History in a way school books couldn't. I think its important for everyone to draw or doodle time to time despite the outcome. You may not be the next Rembrandt, but the cognitive connections that art established or stimulated when using your coordination can reduce stress/anxiety or in just adds a little bit more value to ones life experience."-Jordan