Illustration Gallery (Portfolio) 

                                "A story about skaters for skaters, and everyone else too!:)"-J.E.B.

                                          COMING SOON 2021
  (Above) Three of the Main cast!

Introducing the other half of the main 6 characters! (above)

(Sample Art!!!) "SPONSOR ME"Vol.1 (Home town Heroes)  
"I don't want to give away to much of the story just yet! So I guess you'll have to keep turning in for whats to come! I never wanted to make just a comic book that just featured skateboarding, but a lens that gave you a different view into this booming sport driven internationally counter culture world that is truly full of  family and brotherly love! More than a hobby,more than a sport, more than a brand, but a life style driven to progress through its uniqueness."-J.E.B.