Private Commissioned Art

Thank you John Holecek for inspiring me by commissioning my talent to do some beautiful artwork my style. It was a pleasure to help depict your ideas into reality!:) God bless you and yours John!:) (2018) 

(Left: "Mary and Son"Acrylic on Wood,48x3/4x36in,2017) Right:("Jesus"Acrylic on Wood,48x3/4x36in.,2017) 

Another Satisfied customer! The Grandma and Great Grandma loved it!!!!! Creative Family Portraiture! (Graphite on paper 9x12in.)2019 



 Animals,Family, and more.....Contact if your interest in something one of a kind for yours!



“TPD Mural Project: The Common Ground.” 2019

"I am excited to be apart of such an positive uplifting mural/art project that is directly impacting my community. I am no longer in a studio alone but honored to join a great cast of artistic warriors that don't hesitate to express themselves their way.-"Jordan 

Common ground is at the heart of this mural, making it a natural fit for the name and message of this project,” said Topeka Police Chief Bill Cochran. “I think the community will see common ground in the design aspect and we also hope this is what they feel after seeing it.

Local artists working on the mural include C. Dylan Barker, Jordan Brooks, Oshara Meesha, Sara Myer, Andrea Nix, Jason Riedel, Robert Tapley Bustamante, Michael Toombs, Andy Valdivia and Woody Woodward.


 It was a delight to be hired by Topeka Zoo along side Artist (DeAnna Morrison) of Amused Art Gallery. The Zoo is surrounded by passionate and amazing professional staff, which allowed us artists to complete this project in a week! Thank you Topeka Zoo and staff for encouraging art everywhere! NOW PLEASE GO VISIT THE WORLD FAMOUS TOPEKA ZOO!:) 

                                                                                          Check out the Video Below! 

The Brown VS Board Mural Family and I were recognized by the Governor of Kansas Mrs, Kelly!

(Governor of Kansas) Mrs. Kelly Knew exactly what was up when mentioning the origins of "Kansas". She loved  her imited signed print of one of my latest paintings "Potato Land" 

Brown VS Board Mural (Topeka,Ks) 15th Monroe st. 


This mural is located across the street from the Brown v. Board National Historic Site. The mural explores themes of equality and justice through the eyes of young people in our community. Artist Michael Toombs directed the painting of the 130' x 30' wall along with a team of artists and thousands of members of the community. We believe that there could not be a better time to push forward the central tenets of the Brown case – bringing this important part of American history to life anew."Thank you ARTSconnect for hiring me to contribute my creative talent with such an amazing collective! It was a pleasure to work,sweat,eat, and create with 30 other artist that I can proudly call apart of my creative art family! Thank you Michael and Cat for keeping all of us spiritual and balanced! "-Jordan  


Located at the intersection of Huntoon & Lane, this mural celebrates the vibrant history of the Tennessee Town neighborhood. This work was completed in the summer of 2015. Artwork designed by Jordan Brooks and   Jamie Colon with assistance from many members of the community and neighborhood. A special thank you to the Downtown Topeka Rotary for their support of this mural!

"It was amazing to see your community resonance with something straight out of your head! I glad Artsconnect approached me to design and paint something historical like this! I learned a lot working on this project I will for sure take into future projects. I encourage all to share their gifts when they can, thanks Artsconnect for helping out with that!"-Jordan